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The Dallas Bird Society’s Project HAVEN is a committee dedicated to the placing of unwanted, disabled or injured pet birds to new permanent homes when necessary. The goal of the project is to help pet birds find new homes when their human companions can no longer care for their avian friends. We also provide information and counseling to owners, as we hope that we may be able to help the birds keep their homes.  
In instances of disabled or injured wild birds, we refer callers to appropriate, qualified wildlife rehabilitators.
Not all the birds being re-homed by Project Haven are “perfect”. They come to us for a reason. They may be unwanted; abandoned; injured; ill; or have behavioral problems, such as screaming, plucking and self-mutilating. Not always a glamorous picture; but still living creatures that need experienced, caring, hands who can provide health care; proper feeding and a loving family.
Project Haven's purpose is for the benefit of the pet bird.  Our primary goal is to place a bird in the most appropriate home for that particular bird.  In every instance the decision as to where a bird is placed is made by the Project Haven committee, with the guidance of the Executive Board of the Dallas Bird Society when needed.
Birds are placed in adoptive homes that are able to provide the living situations needed by that particular bird. For example, some birds we receive are handicapped or have behavioral problems. Not everyone is comfortable in adopting a bird with special needs or has the appropriate experience to handle them. In all cases, though, the primary interest is to provide a good loving home for our avian companions.
You can request more information about Project HAVEN at (972) 381-3075 or by emailing

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